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Training a Deep Q-Network to Play Video Games

  • What is Reinforcement Learning

  • The Bellman Equation

  • Deep Q-Networks

  • The Gymnasium Package

  • Implementing a Deep Q-Network to play Pong

  • Training on AWS

What is Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning considers all the possible paths and tries to find the path that maximizes the total reward. In the case of the following grid where the points are rewards:

Supervised Learning only considers the next step and would follow the path where each next step is maximized:

However, Reinforcement Learning considers the paths instead of just the next step:

The Bellman Equation

In an environment, we have states, actions, and rewards. From a state, we take an action, we end up in a new state, and we get a reward. We can value each state by following the recurring formula. The value of a state S is the maximum value that I can get by taking an action from the state, moving to a new state S’, getting the corresponding reward ra, and the value V(S’) of that next state:

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