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From Machine Learning Engineer to Content Creator

Introduction to Transformers for LLMs Course Now Available!

Introduction to Machine Learning System Design

Beyond LLMs: The Vision Transformer

How LLMs Generate Text

30 Free Machine Learning E-Books!

How Do We Create Tokens From Words in LLMs

How is AI making Autonomous Driving Possible

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How To Build a Multimodal RAG Pipeline With LlamaIndex

Revolutionizing Education with AI: Personalized Learning, Model Challenges, and Finance Insights

Understanding The Transformer Architecture

How To Build An AI Sports Commentator With The Latest GPT-4 Vision and OpenAI Text-to-Speech

Introduction to LangChain Course: 50% off!

Attention Is All You Need!

Introduction to LangChain Course Available for Free!

The AiEdge Courses

AiEdge Podcast #4: Exploring Data Science Careers and Potential of Large Language Models

The Attention Mechanism Before Transformers

How to use Reinforcement Learning for Portfolio Optimization

Introduction to LLMs: The RNN Encoder-Decoder Architecture

How To Optimize Your RAG Pipelines

AiEdge Podcast #3: Unlocking AI's Secrets: Career Journeys, Challenges, and the Future

How to Build a Multimodal RAG Pipeline

How To Build Your Own ChatGPT / Llama Model With Hugging Face

Augmenting LLMs with a Graph Database

The Different Ways to Fine-Tune LLMs

AiEdge Podcast #2: Working in AI as a Software Engineer!

How to Automate Writing Software with LangChain

How To Optimize Machine Utilization for Multiple Fine-Tuned LLMs with Hugging Face

Let's Talk about AI with Etienne Bernard, CEO at NuMind

How to Automate Writing Books with LangChain

How to Build an AutoML System

Are you Interested in Participating to Recorded Mentoring Events?

How to Build a Smart Voice Assistant in 20 mins

Augmenting LLMs: Fine-Tuning or RAG?

What Video Content Would You Like to See?

Introduction to LangChain: Augmenting LLMs with Tools

Formulating and Implementing the t-SNE Algorithm From Scratch

Introduction to LangChain: Retrieval Augmented Generation

How to Build an Image Retrieval System like Google Images

Introduction to LangChain: Vector Database Basics

AutoML Taken to the Next Level!

Introduction to LangChain: Prompt Engineering Fundamentals

TheAiEdge+: When Machine Learning Goes Wrong!

Introduction to LangChain: Loading Data and Summarizing Text Data Strategies

TheAiEdge+: How to Fine-Tune LLMs

Introduction to LangChain: LangChain Basics

The AiEdge+: The Future of Privacy Preserving Machine Learning

Deep Dive: YOLO In-and-Out Part 1 - from V1 to V4!

DragGAN: A fiery new method of image manipulation

Revolutionizing Development and Creativity: The Latest Breakthroughs in Machine Learning

Deep Dive: How I got ChatGPT, LLama2, GPT-4 and (almost) Bard into a Chess Tournament!

The AiEdge+: Let's Make Computer Vision Great Again!

Revolutionizing Apple's Siri and Photos: Unveiling the Latest AI Breakthroughs and Personalized Virtual Assistants

Deep Dive: How to use the OpenAI DALL-E 2 API

The AiEdge+: Model Compression Techniques

Revolutionizing Healthcare and Education: The Impact and Ethical Considerations of AI

Deep Dive: How do Vector Databases Work

Prompt Engineering and LLMOps: Building LLM Applications

Unleashing the Power of AI: From Superintelligence to Mental Health and Molecular Discoveries

The AiEdge+: The Different Maturity Levels in Machine Learning

Unleashing the Power of Generative AI: From Security to Finance, Innovation is at the Forefront

Data Scientists and their Business Stakeholders: How to reduce the risk of conflict

Generative AI: Revolutionizing Industries and Tackling Climate Change

Heroes of Machine Learning

Unlocking the Potential of AI: European Regulations, Surveys, and the Economic Impact

Deep Dive: How I taught ChatGPT to Draw Diagrams with LangChain

Unlocking the Potential of Machine Learning: From Crop-Eating Insects to Healthcare and Stock Markets

Deep Dive: Tracking Machine Learning Experiments and Deploying Models with MLFlow

What are Large Language Models?

Deep Dive: How to Automate Writing Newsletters with LangChain, Stable Diffusion and DiaChat

The Future of AI: From Generative Podcasts to Climate Change Solutions

The AiEdge+: Algorithms for Hyperparameter Optimization

Deep Dive: How to Build a Smart Chatbot in 10 mins with LangChain

The AiEdge+: How Pinterest uses Transformers

Deep Dive: All the Ranking Metrics for Recommender Systems Explained!

The AiEdge+: How to Augment Large Language Models

Introducing The AiEdge Machine Learning Engineering MasterClass

Deep Dive: How to Build the Twitter Feed Ranking Recommender System

TheAiEdge+: How to deal with Imbalanced Datasets

Machine Learning Engineer Masterclass

Deep Dive: 3 Techniques to take your Machine Learning Model Development to the Next Level

The AiEdge+: How to Steal Someone's Motion - Deep Fakes

Deep Dive: How to Build the TikTok Recommender System End-to-End!

The AiEdge+: How to fine-tune Large Language Models with Intermediary models

Deep Dive: Tuning XGBoost Hyperparameters with Bayesian Optimization

How Twitter and TikTok Recommend Content to their Users

The AiEdge+: T-SNE and UMAP - Dimensionality Reduction

Machine Learning Fundamentals: Interview Questions

Deep Dive: How Uber Predicts Arrival Times with Deep Learning

The AiEdge+: How to Manage Machine Learning Projects for Maximum ROI

Deep Dive: How to structure your code for Machine Learning Development

Natural Language Processing: How did we teach Computers to talk like Humans

The AiEdge+: Everything you need to know about the Attention Mechanism!

Deep Dive: Modeling Customers Loan Default with Markov Chains

Deep Dive: How to build the Facebook Ads Ranking System

The AiEdge+: Embeddings, the Superpower of Deep Learning

Social Network Data Visualization

How Generative Adversarial Networks work!

The AiEdge+: Diffusion models - Stable Diffusion vs DALLE-2 vs Imagen

Data Visualization with Seaborn

Data Visualization with Matplotlib

Scrapping the Web for NLP applications

GPT-4: The largest Large Language Model yet!

The AiEdge+: Explainable AI - LIME and SHAP

Advanced Data Manipulation with Pandas

Why XGBoost is better than GBM?

The AiEdge+: All the Transformers Applications

MLOps 101: Feature Stores, Automation, Testing and Monitoring

Exploratory Data Analysis with Pandas

Deep Neural Networks: All the Building Blocks

Why Deployment is the most important part of Machine Learning

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How to ARCHITECT a search engine like Google Search

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